Belgrade-born British actress, Zelda Tinska, initially trained as a classical ballet dancer since the age of 10. She left Serbia ( then Yugoslavia) at the age of 17 to study ballet and dance in renowned school Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes " Rosella Hightower" in France, followed by a move to London where she went on to complete her studies in the college for performing arts, London Studio Centre.

She was a professional dancer for fifteen years before starting to work as an actress.

Zelda's first acting audition was for Danny Boyle's 20th Century Feature film The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, where she played the role of Sonja, famously teaching Leo to speak Serbian. That role opened the doors to the acting world and Zelda started working on TV and Theatre in the UK, appearing in various established British TV series and dramas, most notably the Multi-Award winning, Auf Wiedesehen Pet, as well as Waking The Dead, Coronation Street, Holby City, The Bill, Sirens and many more, working alongside top British actors including Daniel Craig (in The Mother), Tomothy Spall ,Jimmy Nail and Kevin Whatley (in Auf wiedersehen Pet), Dominic Mafham and Alice Evans(in a film Hard Labour), Richard Madden (in Sirens) and many more.

 Zelda also starred in a Tamasha Theatre Company sell out play Balti Kings, that opened at Lyric Hammersmith and Edinborough Festival and went on a six month UK tour. She played a female lead role of Mariam, and won excellent reviews.

When she is not acting, Zelda works in the VFX and Animation Film industry as a Line Producer/Project manager on feature films such as Ex_Machina ( Alex Garland) - that won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects, The Gunman ( Pierre Morel), Exodus: Gods and Kings ( Ridley Scott), Cure for Wellness ( Gore Verbinski) etc.